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Use the following 100% free virus removal programs to repair just about any viral infection your PC may have. We assume you have some computer repair skills, if not, take your PC to a local computer repair shop or call a technical friend before you begin.

Online Antivirus Web Scanners

Online AV Web Scanner

Free Virus Scan
Online Web Scan
from ESET

Our online Web
scanner will help
you identify and
remove Infections,
Malware, Trojans
and Rootkits
Kaspersky Security Scan
Scans PCs for
viruses & other
malware. Blocks
dangerous files &
more. Protects
your personal
Norton Security Scan
[Scan Only Windows]

Determine if your
system has been
infected with
viruses, malware,
spyware, or other

Free antivirus scanners

Malware Removal Tools

BleepingComputer’s RKill
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
32-bit and
64-bit OS.
Windows XP/Vista/7/8
32-bit and
64-bit OS
ESET Web Scanner
No Cost Virus Scan Online Virus Scan
from ESET
A rogue application
has made undesired
changes to your registry
A no cost utility that
finds malware and
other threats
HitmanPro is a
powerful, professional
grade malware cleaner
Kaspersky AVZ Tool
After install, check
incompatible software
or drivers installed
Blocks malware, hackers,
viruses, ransomware,
and malicious websites
McAfee Stinger
standalone utility used to
detect and remove
specific viruses
Microsoft Malicious
Software Removal Tool

(MSRT) helps keep
Windows computers
free from prevalent
Norton Power Eraser
Eliminates deeply
embedded and difficult
to detect crimeware that
traditional virus scanning
doesn’t always detect
OTL by OldTImer
malware removal
RogueKiller is an
able to
detect and remove
generic malware and
advanced threats like
rootkits, rogues, worms.
specializes in unique
and hard-to-find malware,
identifying and removing
instances of malicious
VIPRE Rescue
is a handy, easy to
use tool designed to
clean your computer
if you are already
infected with a virus
Panda Cloud Cleaner
is an advanced
disinfector based on
Collective Intelligence
(scanning in-the-cloud)
Sophos Virus Removal

The tool scans your
computer and removes
any viruses it finds

Anti Root Kit Tools

Anti Root Kit Tools

aswMBR is the rootkit
scanner that scans for
MBR/VBR/SRV rootkits
Bitdefender Rootkit
Remover deals with
known rootkits quickly
GMER is an application
that detects and removes
Malwarebytes Anti-

BETA drills down and
removes even deeply
embedded rootkits
McAfee RootkitRemover
is a stand-alone utility
used to detect and
remove complex rootkits
and associated malware
If you have detected any
rootkits, use this special
TDSSKiller tool

Adware Removal Tools

Adware Removal Tools

The world’s most popular
adware cleaner finds
and removes unwanted
programs and junkware
Ask toolbar remover
works for the 4.0.x series,
4.1.x series, and OEM
1000 series ASK Toolbar
Avast Browser Cleanup
identifies poorly rated add
ons for major internet
Browsers and allows you
to disable or to remove
them simply and easily
Remove Fake Antivirus
is used to remove the
most popular fake anti
viruses, which disguises
itself to be an antivirus
Prevent the installation
of spyware and other
potentially unwanted
Ultra Adware Killer
removes browser toolbars ad-ons plugins unwanted search providers hijacked
home pages potentially
unwanted programs (PUP's), rogues, trojans,
rootkits, ransomware
aims to keep potentially
unwanted programs out
of your computer
Chrome Cleanup Tool
Pop-up ads, newtabs that
won't go away. Search
engine keeps changing
without your permission.
Alerts about a virus or an
infected device
Unwanted Chrome cont.
extensions or toolbars
keep coming back. Your
browsing is Hijacked and
redirects to unfamiliar
pages or ads